Saint Lucy’s Charter

I, diver of the 21st century, swear to

With myself
Sink my body in a black suit each time my soul drowns in the meanders.
Not forget I was once a beginner.
Keep in mind that my gadgets and experience will always be less useful than modesty towards the elements.
Keep in mind that I will never be a super diver but maybe one day an old diver.
Not to fall in to the dark side of the hood once I have acquired certain skills. Respect the spirit in which my instructors passed on to me their knowledge and experience.

With others
To act with dignity on a boat by talking to my neighbour who is also a diver.
To sniff the smell of neoprene as a taste of the good moments past or to come.
Respect the indications and advice of the instructor who is not for no reason.
Guarantee the calm of the return of the dive by not drying my regulator with the air from my tank and respect the locals and their environment by not putting out my suit to dry wherever and avoiding public exhibitionism sessions.

With the elements
To use my fins as a means for propulsion and under no circumstances as an underwater plough.
To dive intelligently by choosing a configuration adapted to the diving conditions.
To accept surprises and missed encounters with fauna as inherent facts of diving.
To dive without shame close to home because each dive contains it’s own adventure.


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